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Welcome to Morrisville

Welcome to SUNY Morrisville!

We are thrilled that you are interested in the programs at our institution and throughout the SUNY System. We believe that international students are an integral part of SUNY Morrisville’s diverse community. We find that the diverse community at SUNY Morrisville makes us a stronger institution. Diverse perspectives and opportunities to engage across identities provides us with a setting to build knowledge and understanding between faculty, staff and other students.

We want you to engage in all the activities offered on our campus and be part of a vital component working on building an inclusive environment where all are valued. Your participation on our campus makes us a better institution. We are eager to meet you and provide you with a quality education in and out of our classrooms. You have an important role on our campus and we believe we are a better institution when you are here!

Mary H. Bonderoff
Chief Diversity Officer, SUNY Morrisville

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