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How IPP Works – Personal Advisement

Personal Advisement

Our team of advisors offer IPP SUNY Morrisville students support and guidance both on the individual and group level to help meet their academic goals.

From the moment students arrive to SUNY Morrisville, advisors take a comprehensive approach to guiding students through each step of the transfer process:

  • Receive information on the transfer process and collect transfer checklists that make the transfer process manageable
  • Learn more about SUNY schools and their opportunities
  • Explore career opportunities and internships, majors, minors, and double majors
  • Narrow down transfer choices, course selections, and prerequisites
  • Advisors review and submit application documents for students
  • Get coaching on next steps after acceptance – from paying deposits and sending your electronic transcript to meeting with the PDSO for I-20 transfer
  • Prepare for your move, creating a plan for travel, and next steps at your new school.

Be part of the 95% of students who have successfully transferred to their next academic program from SUNY Morrisville. Contact us today to learn more or apply now!

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