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Classes begin:

Fall 2021 Semester Arrival Period: TBA

New Student Orientation: TBA

Fall 2021 Semester Start Date:

August 23, 2021

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With IPP SUNY Morrisville, students can begin their pathway to academic success at one of the most highly ranked university systems in the USA and can finish their U.S undergraduate degree at SUNY Morrisville or any of the 64 SUNY universities and colleges, including top 100 universities.

Getting Started is Easy!

From the moment students begin IPP SUNY Morrisville, we’ll take them through a step-by-step process to help them achieve their academic and transfer goals during the first year of their undergraduate degree.

  1. START at SUNY Morrisville
  2. COMPLETE the first year of their degree.
  3. EARN a competitive GPA
  4. GO ANYWHERE in the SUNY System!

Students complete required SUNY General Education undergraduate courses while in the IPP and can begin taking courses within their major by year two. Better yet, General Education course credits earned while in the IPP are 100% guaranteed transferable to their next academic program within SUNY.

95% of students have successfully transferred to their next academic program from SUNY Morrisville!
Imagine what a SUNY Degree Can do for you!

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