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How IPP Works – Explore Courses

Explore Courses

Complete required SUNY General Education (Gen Ed) undergraduate courses while in the International Pathway Program (IPP) and start year two taking courses within your major.

IPP offers three study plans that are 2 semesters in length with an optional third semester available for those who would benefit. Each study plan offers students a set of Gen Ed classes compatible with every major. Students are matched with the best study plan for them based on academics and placement exams.

Students earn between 24 – 38 credits toward their degree while enrolled in the IPP:

Many of the Gen Ed undergraduate courses in the IPP will have a connected recitation course that provides direct learning support to enhance academic success and positions students well for transfer to their next academic program.

Experience IPP and be part of the 95% of students who have successfully transferred to their next academic program from SUNY Morrisville. Contact us today to learn more or apply now!

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