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Conditional Admission & Verification

With a SUNY Education, the Opportunities are Endless!

Why not start at the top? With the International Pathway Program (IPP) at SUNY Morrisville, students can begin their pathway to academic success at the most highly ranked university system in the USA. Students can finish their U.S. undergraduate degree at SUNY Morrisville or any SUNY! We can also help students secure a Conditional Letter to continue their studies at one of our featured SUNY partner universities!

How It Works

Students begin by applying to IPP SUNY Morrisville where they receive personal advisement to help them reach their academic goals during the  first year of their undergraduate degree.

Students can choose to receive a Conditional Letter from one of six featured SUNY universities at the same time they are admitted to IPP at SUNY Morrisville, setting a path to gain formal admission to their desired transfer university from the start!

95% of students have successfully transferred to their next academic
program from SUNY Morrisville!

Ready to Get Started? Contact us today to help students begin
their application and request a Conditional Letter – it’s that easy!

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